Project Marriage: Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

This veelog is the unabridged version of how we met and fell in lurve.  If you’re pressed for time, you can find the Cliff’s Notes version here.

Thank you all for participating in Project Marriage!  Our linky is open until June 30th so join me and link up!


  1. I am still trying to find my ‘game’ 😉

  2. You guys are so cute together! I love how you said, you didn’t “have game” LOL.

    And it was such a guy thing when Bid Daddy P likened the courtship to a plane honing in on his target! Too funny. And cute, you guys, so cute.

  3. You are too cute! I love that you said you were a good girl. I was not all sexy in high school but man did I get in some trouble!, I sure had fun!

    Awesome that you got your hubs in!

  4. I saw it this time. Great vlog you two!

  5. Love it! Especially that you got Big Daddy P to star in it with you, yay!

  6. HAHAHA I was 17 and a good girl. Good girls don’t have game. I love it! Your story is so crazy and awesome. 🙂 You guys are so cute!

  7. Lori – says the video is private. I can’t watch it. 😦


  1. […] We met right after high school at a coffee shop. I was 17. […]

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