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1994                           1995                               1996

Recently I’ve had some interest from readers about my steamy love life. OK, so I’m lying about the “steamy” part but it looks as though it’s time for the prequel. So here’s the little story of how Lori and Big Daddy P met, fell in love, had a couple of kids and built a home sweet home.

Venice Beach, 1995

At the totally mature age of 17, I had just graduated high school and was ready to start college in the fall. I met Big Daddy P, who was really just P back then or “Peaches” as I called him. He was way sexy at 18 years old and played the sexy lead guitar in the infamous or un-famous sexy band, Dakota Blue. Sizzle! I was your average nice girl and he was your regular bad boy. And, like a moth to a flame baby, we clicked…err, I clicked with him.

We first met through friends at a coffee shop and he ignored me. I fell in love.

We met a few more times with our friends and he ignored me some more. I fell in love some more.

Finally, after three agonizing weeks of like-liking him, he kissed me. Like OMG!


I immediately raced home to call my bestie from a land line (pre cell phone days) and spill it, “Like oh my God, he kissed me!”  Her response, “Aww, cute.  Date him for the summer; you can meet a college boy in the fall.”  And so our romance began only I didn’t dump him in the fall, I hung on tight, like a moth to a flame baby.  We married as soon just as I graduated 4 years later at the totally mature age of 22.

November 1998

During that time, Peaches had moved on to lead guitar in a swing band; hep cat.  I was a certified groupie.


The band broke up after we got married because I was a Yoko.  Nah, actually Peaches left the band to pursue big Engineering dreams because everybody knows engineers are way hotter than rock stars.


We lived happily ever after for 4 years when our eldest blessed us in the most wonderful way.  I guess it was then that I became Mommy Friend Lori and Peaches became Big Daddy P.

Poor Meiko, Big Daddy P was not a fan.

In the 5 years that followed we got a cat, bought a house, got rid of the cat, sold a house, bought another house, suffered a miscarriage and were ultimately blessed with Little BooBoo.  It was then that happily ever after got even happier.

2007, pregnant with Little BooBoo

Since then, we’ve been busy pursuing personal dreams and raising some super fantastic boys who serve as my endless inspiration.


We have been married 11 years and is the first thing Big Daddy P and I have ever joined forces in creating together, aside from our boys that is, hee hee. Our little blog, written by me, illustrated by Big Daddy P and inspired by our kids, it is truly a family affair.

With that, welcome to our family! You are our guest and we hope you keep coming back for more, like a moth to a flame baby.


  1. So loved that…brought back memories for some of us too 🙂 So glad you two found each other!

  2. This is ADORABLE! Loved reading it. Now I’m off to find pics of your kiddos who must be GORGEOUS!

  3. omg, your pictures are so freakin’ cute. What a great story. Proof that sometimes you just know the person is ‘the one.”

  4. Love your love story. You guys have been together sooooo long! And your obvious love for each other is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Love #ProjectMarriage.

  5. Isis Mills says:

    Love this! What a beautiful story… I have actually smiled and LOL reading several of your blogs. You ROCK!!

  6. Perfection! You two are adorable together. And yes, I love that it’s real — that’s what makes it perfect in my eyes.

  7. Yep, really starting to dig you.. This was a really cute story with pictures. I actually grinned as I read instead of rolling my eyes and muttering cynical comments.

  8. I did read this! I even commented. What a sweet story! I have a wonderful love story

  9. amazing pictures! I love that you do this together. us too. 🙂

    I got married at the totally mature age of 22 as well. seems to be working for us. helps when you meet the right one!

  10. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    Thanks Beautiful, we try lol!  Best of luck to you and your family as well.

  11. How frickin cute are you guys?!? I love this blog, since I’ve became a mommy I love to read about other experiences and I think you are truely blessed and good luck with many more years of bliss!

  12. Totally cute love story! Love the photos from the 90’s.

  13. Linda Lui says:

    Hey Little Lori! Just read your blog. You are so cute, and the pictures brought back memories for me. I’m glad you are a Happy Mommie and PJ a good daddy. Wish we could get together! Love, Linda Lui

  14. Thanks for sharing your love story with us – the pics are wonderful and told a story onto themselves! Love your blog and looking forward to future posts! 🙂

  15. Soo cute! Im married to an engineer to! Yeah, they are way sexier than rockstars! Ha

  16. Great post, Lori! Thanks for letting us inside your family and how it came to be. Just beautiful!

  17. Love it! Love it! Love it! I love this post. I love the pictures and hearing how your family and this blog came to being. Thanks for sharing. So beautiful!JessicaWalking the Land

  18. I like to think of myself as family, so I’ll ignore the “guest” comment…speaking of being family, where am I in any of those adorable pictures???? GREAT story! Love that you guys both work on the blog! I’m also uber jealous of your hubbie’s mad drawing skills!=)

  19. I LOVE IT!! Great pictures too..

  20. What a wonderful post! I’m realizing that the personal stories make the best posts. Thanks for the story! I may have to do that, too, around our anniversary.

  21. The Redhead Riter says:

    I love love. Those pics are so beautiful. ♥

  22. **Sniff, sniff** That was adorable!

  23. This was so cute I could hardly stand it. Fun to come along for the ride. Just love your blog.


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