My Doggone Awkward Marriage Proposal

What do a cartoon dog, a blank greeting card and Valentine’s Day have in common?

My awkward marriage proposal, of course.

On Valentine’s Day 1998, my boyfriend gave me a card with a cartoon dog on it. This just wasn’t just any cartoon dog, oh no, it was a cartoon dog dressed in a tuxedo holding a bouquet of roses. As if I wasn’t already swoony enough, preprinted inside of the card read the message, “You’re doggone wonderful!” Obviously, my cup runneth over by the romanticism of the sentiment. Doggone wonderful huh? So is my morning coffee. Personally, I was expecting a little (and by that I mean a lot) more.

Under the card’s message, my boyfriend had printed “P.S.” in tiny letters. Just P.S., nothing else.

P.S. What?

P.S. I chose the most unromantic card I could find? P.S. This is a card 5th graders give each other? P.S. I forgot to finish writing the message? P.S. I have a lot to learn about romance?

Perplexed and annoyed, I tossed the doggone card right back at him and asked him to finish writing the message. I never expected a sweeping romantic gesture or an expensive gift, but an unfinished card? Game over.

As he picked up the card he knelt down on one knee and said nothing.

P.S. Are you OK?

He reached into his pocket and produced a vintage diamond ring. He looked into my eyes and stammered as he asked me to be his wife.

P.S. I wasn’t expecting that.

P.P.S. I guess I shouldn’t have thrown the card.

A flurry of emotions came over me. Is this really happening? This card was part of my proposal? Who cares! I’m in love! I’m in love! I’m in love (and not just with this ring)!

I shouted, “Yes!” and immediately readied myself for a lifetime of happiness with this man. We kissed, I cried and just when I wanted to grab hold and never let go, he was called into work and had to leave.

P.S. Doggone it, this was not how I envisioned this moment.

Newly engaged, I spent Valentine’s night alone with my ring, daydreaming of building our home sweet home as man and wife.

Twelve years of marriage and 2 children later, our happily ever after is filled with humor, understanding, and yes, even romance. While I may not have gotten a fairy tale proposal, our blissful marriage is nothing short of doggone wonderful.


  1. this is sweet! i would probably react the same way! LoL. men are awkward, but they mean well.

    a few years ago, my now husband gave me legos for my birthday. i thanked him, and we went on with our day. at the end of the night, i wanted to open up the box and build the legos. there was a white box in there. whaaaaat???!!! i opened the box, and there was my engagement ring.

    i bet he was wondering when i’d open the fricken legos box. hahahha.

    cheers to sweet stories!

  2. Could you be any cuter???

  3. So cute!!! Almost as much as our engagement…only I was the one doing the asking!!!!What a great story you two have! I love reading about you both!

  4. … back in the Little Harvard days, I remember this!!! 🙂

  5. Mommyfriend says:

    Thank you so much for thinking of me!  I nabbed it and added it to my awards on my Facebook page, muah!

  6. Mommyfriend says:

    Kate, your story is great!  Thanks for sharing.  Someone on Twitter just said, “Real is the new romantic”…right on.

  7. Mommyfriend says:

    OMG wow!  Even being nominated for “Best Bloggy Couple” in the pretend Bloggy yearbook would be super exciting!  You and Mr. Complicated are gonna give us a run for our money!

  8. Love this. So sweet!

  9. Soo cute! I just gave you the stylish blogger award over at my blog

  10. Momma Kate says:

    OMG, That is sooo not awkward.. It’s adorable. My husband (then boyfriend, obviously) and I had only been together for a few short months when he proposed. We were hanging out in my apartment, I wasn’t feeling so well so I was laying in bed in a giant (overly comfortable) mu-mu nightgown, no makeup, hair a mess, glasses on and reading a book, he was in the other room just watching TV with his roommate (I was the only person they knew with cable). He came in to see if I was okay and I told him I felt like **** (the more colorful word for poop) and he said “you want me to make you feel better?” I thought he was being dirty and threw my book at him and told him to get out. Then he came over to the bed, dropped to a knee and proposed. I apologized for throwing the book before I said yes. 🙂

  11. I’m on my way over there now. Besides my husband has been kidnapped anyway, so I need something to pass the time by, LOL! Check out my latest when you get a sec, maybe you can offer me some pointers.

  12. Is there a blog award for cutest bloggy couple??? beacause you and Big Daddy P are it !!! …. So freakin adorable!


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