Introducing Project Marriage!


Once upon a time, you and your husband were a couple of lovesick kids who wanted nothing more in life than each other.  Love was all you needed and probably all you started with.  In the name of love you married with great expectations to create a beautiful life together – and it was good.

Life got busy as you created your love nest and the beautiful children that would make you a family and suddenly it was about so much more than the two of you.

That’s where Project Marriage comes in!

Life Without Pink and Mommyfriend joined forces to create Project Marriage – an interactive lovey dovey bloggy movement designed to get back to the simple joys of marriage and the love that brought you there.  We know all that oomph is still there, it’s just buried under a pile a bills and a mountain of laundry.

We hope you’ll join us as we introduce a monthly marriage challenge designed to put a little oo la la back into your everyday!  We’ll be asking you to participate, share your stories and share your secrets!  We’ll never ask you to kiss and tell (we know you’re classy laydees) unless of course you want to, in which case we promise to respect you in the morning. 

Speak up, spice up and share – we somehow think your hubs won’t mind!

And oh yeah, Tina of Life Without Pink and I will be participating in the monthly Project Marriage challenge right along with y’all and reporting our sexy back so stay tuned! 

Our first Project Marriage challenge begins Wednesday, June 1st so check back and get ready to link up on our blog hop!  You can find us tweeting all about Project Marriage throughout the month as we make the marital magic happen, please join us using hashtag #projectmarriage, let’s get this partay started!

Get ready to start a fire Mommy Friends!


  1. Autumn MP says:

    I’m confused, is the Project Marriage Love Story blog hop only living on Life WIthout Pink? Love this project, can’t wait to read everyone’s juicy stories.

  2. I’m very excited about this! Its coming at a perfect time!

  3. justpureness says:

    Sounds interesting! I’m game!

  4. Super cute idea, girlfriend!

  5. We are sooo excited for all of you to join us as we set a spark back into our marriages! Thank you so much for your support! XOXO

  6. MrsDeveter says:

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to participate..

  7. Good stuff, ladies.

  8. Lori and Tina – Great idea! I am looking forward to the fun! 🙂

  9. Looking forward to it!! I’m excited about this one!

  10. Awesome project! Can’t wait to get started!

  11. Ooh! I like it! Can’t wait to see what the first challenge is!

  12. Yay I can’t wait to get started!!! Love working with you. XOXO


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