The Mom Pledge: Veelog Edition

I was bullied between 1st and 3rd grade by a huge girl named Molly.  Did I mention she was huge?  I made it through the rest of my school career without being dumped in a trashcan only to grow up and become a blogger who has been bullied enough times to write about it here and here.

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I’ve written about The Mom Pledge before because it’s a cause I so deeply believe in.  Learn more and join me (pretty, pretty please) at


  1. You kind of remind me of Chelsea from Dancing With The Stars, you know, the one who SHOULD HAVE won last night! 😉

  2. Why do people feel the need to leave nasty comments or be mean and rude to others? Why? It does not good. What a great veelog 🙂 You are so sweet, talented and you are so supportive of others!

  3. Great vlog, Lori. I need to head over to the Mom pledge site again. I visited before through you but never signed up…

  4. I am so sorry you have experienced this ugliness and support your vlog 100%. I took the pledge several months ago because I truly believe that we can constructively comment without hurting. Bravo for your post! 😉

  5. Online bullying.

    So incredibly hard to believe.

    I got it just last week, and I left their comment up. They said I lie in my posts, and raise my kids the wrong way.
    I ignored them, but left their comment up so people can see how stupid they sound.

    Why would I lie? I know.

  6. Good for you! The more of us that stand up against this the better. Thank you!

  7. I absolutely love it! You nailed it! I agree 100%! Thank you for your support, and for participating in the veelog tour! 😉

  8. I have taken this pledge about the time I met your beautiful blog. I was attacked once om a bulletin board about a small statement I made about “MY” reasoning to have my son circumcised. As it is, the subject was touchy but a mom was asking what made us decide to circumcise or not. While I understand debate I was told I was uneducated, low life, a child mutilator, and on and on.

    It discouraged me from ever posting on that site again. I did however respond calmly to the person attacking saying that while this is a forum to discuss and learn from each other, it is not a place to attack and degrade. I was amazed at how many others joined in and said something to come to my defense. Still it left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I now blog and while not everyone agrees with me, I don’t shoot other ideas down. Being a parent is a constant learning process. Why not learn from others? Just saying.

    Thank you for introducing me to the Mom pledge!

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