How to Write a Press Release That Won’t Get Trashed

How to write a PR pitch I understand a lot of you aren’t bloggers or social media-ers, but for those of you who are, you know just how freakin’ frustrating it is to wade through craptastic PR pitches by the truckload. Forget about ever managing your inbox. The day we decided to enter the blogosphere, we apparently gave […]

12 Things You Should Never Say to a Blogger

What’s wrong with people? I mean, seriously. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s verbal diarrhea. I’ve written gobs of posts on what not to say to toddlers, pregnant women, moms of large families, moms of multiples, and adoptive parents so seemed only logical that I’d find my way to bloggers. Click here to […]

You Shouldn’t be a Mom Blogger If…

Becoming part of the mom blogging community is easy, all you’ve gotta do is be a mom with a blog. No membership fee. No annual contract. Just you, us, and a whole lot of glorious belonging. Try as I might to convince every mother I know to join our blogging sorority, we all know mom […]

Bloggers Share Their Signature Responses to Trolls

What ARE you supposed to do with trolls? Click here to check out your fellow bloggers’ signature responses to trolls. Collect ’em all!

How Do Your Kids Feel About Your Blog?

Are we only a few years away from support groups for children of mom bloggers? Jesus, I hope not. My blog orphans weigh in here.  

The Mom Pledge: Veelog Edition

  I was bullied between 1st and 3rd grade by a huge girl named Molly.  Did I mention she was huge?  I made it through the rest of my school career without being dumped in a trashcan only to grow up and become a blogger who has been bullied enough times to write about it […]

I’m Starting a Gang

[Image credit] I feel like my bloggy girlfriends are part of my virtual gang.  While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting even one of you in real life, I think of y’all as part of my posse.  I tweet, you respond.  I Facebook, you “Like”.  You’re always with me, miraculously living in the iPhone that’s become a very real and somewhat frightening […]

The Mom Pledge

Last year I wrote a post about my first experience with an internet troll.  It blindsided me, like whoa. As I got a little most used to the abuse (how sad), I wrote a follow-up post about The Comment Bully. Since then I’ve continued to witness the unbelievable abuse of bloggers by those just jonesing for a fight.  It’s […]

Behold the Power of the Mom Blog

[Image Credit] There are approximately 3 gazillion blogs in the webosphere and I’d be willing to guess about 33% of them are mom blogs.  These are guesstimates Mommy Friends, real stats require research and I don’t have time for that. Blogger’s blog (look, it’s a noun and a verb) for a variety of reasons.  Some mom […]