I’m Starting a Gang

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I feel like my bloggy girlfriends are part of my virtual gang. 

While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting even one of you in real life, I think of y’all as part of my posse.  I tweet, you respond.  I Facebook, you “Like”.  You’re always with me, miraculously living in the iPhone that’s become a very real and somewhat frightening extension of my right hand.

Allow me to introduce my virtual gang; we wear cute shoes.

My Twin: Tina of Life Without Pink.  Tina’s smart, beautiful, the mom of 2 boys and totally awesome (told you we were twins).  We have an eerie cosmic connection and often post similar subject matter simultaneously.  We’re kindred spirits. 

My Best Shopping Friend:  Loukia of LouLou’s Views.  Loukia is a total fashion plate.  She’s beautiful, talented and has the best taste EVER!  Her fashion and beauty choices are impeccable and she freaking never ever takes a bad picture.  She’s also the mom of boys and doesn’t particularly enjoy cooking, my kind of girl.

My Trusted Confidant:  Devan of Accustomed Chaos and Unspoken Grief.  Devan is the most inspiring woman I’ve met in a really long time.  She’s faced some really tough challenges and keeps smiling with the most amazing attitude and warm heart.  Her level of support is amazing.  And squee!  She’s my BlogHer ’11 roomie!

My “You’re so cute I wanna put you in my pocket” Friend:  Corine of Complicated Mama and Complicated Fashion.  Here’s the thing about Corine, she’s like a slice of warm apple pie, always sweet and leaves you feeling all kinds of happy.  She’s also my BlogHer ’11 roomie; I’m totally stealing her hair accessories.

My Bodyguard: Debi of The Truth About Motherhood.  She is fiery, badass and always in my corner; I dig that about her.  She’s tough on the outside and a total softie on the inside but you better treat her right or I might just have to roll my eyes at you.

My Mentor:  Heather of Theta Mom.  Heather just has this way of consistently writing relevant content that speaks to me on a profound level.  She’s such a natural-born talent.  Need a great read?  She’ll ever let you down and that’s a Mommyfriend guarantee.

My Hero:  Jill of Scary Mommy.  Jill is the mom I aspire to be.  She’s a tough cookie with an ooey gooey heart.  She’s confident, insanely talented and freaking hilarious.  

My Guru:  Betsy of Zen Mama.  Betsy is an accomplished author who provides the most beautiful spiritual lessons exactly when I need to hear them.  She writes from her heart and has offered so many tools for stress management and spiritual fulfillment that I find myself using in my everyday life.  She is truly a blessing to know.

My Teacher:  L. Eleana of A Writer’s Den is the smartest bloggy chick I know.  She writes about all the intelligent stuff I should know more about.  I kid you not, reading her blog makes me smarter.  The best part is, she educates in a way that respects the intelligence of her readers.  Simply gifted.

My Girl Crush:  Jessica of Sassafrass.  Jessica is my Editor at Yahoo! Shine and is a totally awesome chick.  Aside from the fact that she has amazing taste in shoes, she’s ya know, a literary genius.  I geek out with her, can’t help it.

My Good Advice Friend:  Heidi of Wonder Woman Wannabe.  Heidi is such a caring person who always shares the most wonderful pearls of wisdom.  Her humanity is such a beautiful part of her character and I cherish her as my friend.

My Supermom Friend Mandy of Suburban Stereotype is nothing short of incredible.  She has 5 kids under 6 years old, for reals.  She is smart, compassionate and totally hilarious.  Best part is, she’s always supporting amazing causes with all that non-existent free time she has.  In awe.

My “I wanna talk to you for hours” FriendA Place for Thoughts.  She never ever fails to remind me of what’s important in life; it is simply an honor to know her.

My Inspiring Friend: Elizabeth of The Writer Revived and The Mom Pledge is out changing the world.  She’s focused, determined and damn talented.  She’s a triple threat, I’m glad to have her on my team.

So that’s my virtual gang.  Our colors are pink and fabulous.  We’re armed with wit, heart and deadly snark. 

Wanna know the best part?  We’re recruiting. 

Have you checked out my “Baby, I’m a Vlog Star!” vloggy revolution?  Oh Honey, you simply must!


  1. Ah, I just love this! I love the way it’s written. Nice posse ya got there! I’m over visiting for the first time through ZenMama’s post on FB. So… hello! (or, should I say “Yo!”? lol)

  2. Wow! I’m so honored to be part of the gang!! A guru?!?!?! Amazing! Thanks! I consider you one of my best bloggy friends, too. I know we’ll meet up someday!! And I can’t wait to read everyone who I’m not already reading. Great post. Thanks so much for including me!!!

  3. OMG sorry I am late to the party. Girl I LOVE you…and I swear we were separated at birth! Our topic is the same today, so crazy! I am so lucky to have met you and I really hope one day we can meet in IRL…we need to make this happen!

  4. Well, you’ve succeeded in making me tear up! I’d like to thank my freshman year writing prof who told me I’d never, ever in a gazillion years have a career in this field (ha!) and that punctuation is important (double ha!). I’d also like to thank God, the people in the balcony, and all those sassy, irreverent mamas (that’s so you, Mommyfriend!) who keep me laughing, inspired, and super grateful to be surrounded by such greatness. MWAH!

  5. At first I thought: “really another gang? thats awful” but seriously though this is such a very awesome blog post you can never have enough friends or nice gangs.


  6. Ok, so you are never going to believe this or maybe you will but my Husband asked me if I had read your latest post about your gang!!! I had to head over and check it out myself. How can I join??

    • Leah, OMG is your hubs a Daddy Friend? LOVE THAT! Honey, if you’re here then you’ve already joined! I’m so happy your visited and I hope you’ll stay awhile! We’re super nice around these parts but don’t tell anoyone, it’ll ruin my street cred.

  7. what a fab idea – love your list!
    truthful mommy sent me 😉

  8. Such a great idea for a post and you are so sweet to include me! 🙂

  9. Very cute post! The power of social media is amazing. I follow a bunch of these moms, now I know of a few more. Thanks & I hope to be recruited … just be easy on the initiation. I’m surviving mommyhood, that is enough, right?!

  10. How cute! How do I play?

  11. Love your gang and proud to be part of it! 🙂

    You too are so cute I want to put you in my pocket…. unless you start spewing that John Mayer love, then I may have to put you in pocket-time-out. 😉


    • Corine, your body is a wonderland. I mean I can’t say for sure but I bet it is. Girl, you’re gonna love you some Mayer by the time Blogher is over. That’s a threat.

  12. What an incredibly sweet post! So glad I stumbled across it and had the privlidge to read it. The bloggy world rocks:)

  13. You enthusiasm is contagious.

    So nice to feel happy and proud and grateful for the internet, isn’t it?

    Lovely to meet you.

  14. You are too sweet, Lori. I’d love to sit down and talk to you for hours! You still need to set up that wine chat! 😉 Thanks for including me in your gang. I’m blessed that our paths have crossed. Love ya!

    (I’m going to make sure I check out all the blogs you’ve listed. There are at list 4 that I’m not familiar with. I’ll change that. Need to know the rest of the gang. 😉 )

    • Yes! The wine chat! I want to sit and talk with you for hours in my family room surrounded by Hot Wheels. Thanks for all your continued love and support, you are such a wonderful friend to have.

  15. you make my heart smile. Like big-huge-ray-of-sunshine smile. Thank you for being awesome and brightening my day with your words … and your gorgeous face 🙂

  16. I love this! That is one awesome gang! I know Mandy, and yes, she’s awesome.

    So what’s your gang sign? 🙂

    • I know, a gang sign! Truthful Mommy has a great idea with the upside-down hands that form a heart, so hardcore, lol! Mandy is so awesome, I don’t know how she does it! Love her to bits. Thanks so much for visiting!

  17. SO I have never been prouder to be part of a gang! The best part of being part of your gang is my badass reputation..think you can make my kids believe this one?They need some fear put back into them:)LOL But yeah, I’d definitely be your bodyguard.I have to protect the sweethearts from the wolves and you are certainly one of the biggest sweeties that I have the pleasure of knowing. Thanks for including me in the gang can our throw down sign be a heart hands:) I think it will fit us perfectly.THat or a middle finger tot he world:)LOL MWAH! I love this groups of ladies!

  18. Awe, i’m proud to be part of such an awesome posse ! You rock my socks off, Lori. 😉

  19. Aww, Lori! You are the sweetest! THANK YOU! I can’t wait to meet you in August in San Diego! Squee!

    Having already met Corine, Jill and Heather, I can honestly say I’m in the best bloggy company ever!

    You’re awesome! xoxo

    • I’m so jealous in a jealous way that you have met so many of these fantastic ladies! I can’t wait for Blogher to meet you too! Will you make me over? I mean, like for reals?

  20. This is a great post. I am a new follower of yours and love the introduction to many wonderful blogs and women out there. One day I hope to be a bloggy friend too! 🙂


    I came on over to read another one of your amazing posts that always make me laugh…and I found ME on here. THANK YOUUUUUUU! You are so sweet! And right back at ya! You are one of my absolute FAVES! I don’t get to read many blogs anymore, but yours is one I always try to make time for. =)

  22. OMG – I *love* this idea and thanks for the shout out mama! You know I totally adore you!! What a fantastic list, many of whom I had the pleasure of meeting in real life – thanks so much for being an integral part of the bloggyverse – you are a blogging/vlogging rock star! 😉

  23. What a neat idea for a post, love the explanations you gave for each and now I must go check out all of the bloggers I didn’t already know. Thanks!

    • Thanks for visiting Jessica, I hope you’ll join my gang! We don’t have a scary initiation or anything so that’s good. I hope you find some awesome bloggers to love!

  24. Oooh, I get to be part of a posse! Awesome! Honored to be part of such a great group! Also? I love you too, girl! Muah!

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