Baby, I’m A Vlog Star!

Congratulations to our vlog star Emily of Adventures in EmilyWorld on winning Oprah’s fancy coffee table book!  Thank you all for participating and if you couldn’t link up this time, no worries!  We’ll do it again real soon, keep shining!


What do you like about yourself?  Grab that camera and link up your vlog! 

Show the world how bright your star shines!

[Note:  It’s come to my attention vlog is pronounced like “blog” but with a “v”.  Yeah, I’m gonna stick with “veelog”.  Why?  Because I’ve already done like 12 veelogs and pronounced them as “veelogs”.  Hey, dork happens.]

I can’t wait to “meet” you in live action!  Just in case you’re feeling nervous about this vloggy thing, just know it’s TOTALLY OK to suck on vlogs, in fact it’s encouraged.

And because I’m asking you to live out loud a little, I’m giving away a copy of the gorgeous coffee table book by Oprah Magazine, Live Your Best Life to one lucky vlog participant.  Just enter the linky and you’re entered to win! 

This linky will be open until 4/10/11 so get ready to link up and meet your favorite fellow bloggers!

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Now shine on Mommy Friend!


  1. you are too cute. really!! I havent vee-logged (hehe) in a while but i will try to get one out today — cause i wanna link up and play too 🙂

  2. John and I really enjoyed this vlog. He wants to compare checkbooks with you next time we’re in CA. He not only writes the transaction in, he gets out his calculator. I’m not so bad, but he’s amazing! You forgot to mention that your funny, too!

    Someday soon I will make a vlog…but not quite yet!! 🙂

  3. Oh, I have one that is perfect for this already done. Cool! Getting ready to link…

  4. Hey all you new Vloggers, here’s a tip for y’all. If you create a vid and the pic that shows while the video is just sitting is awful, or you just want to see if you can do better… here’s how.
    Log in at youtube, pull up the vid, click EDIT, on the edit page, just below the TAGS section is a section called VIDEO THUMBNAIL. It lets you pick which one you want. It takes a few hours for the change to take effect.
    I hope this helps y’all get over the dread of having a lousy pic sitting on yer vid.

  5. Love you roomie! Will for sure post a Vlog for you… but I will not call it Vee-log… you can’t make me. No, you can’t!

  6. First of all for some reason I just burst out laughing when you said you make really good spaghetti. You ALWAYS make me laugh. Even if your vlog or post makes me cry you always work a laugh in there for me.

    Also – I am THE EXACT SAME way about my check book. Buy something for $2.78 with the debit card? Yup, it’s there! 😉

    And as far as joining in on the vlog adventure… I still have baby weight to lose… EEK!

  7. Cutting your own bangs is hard! I totally admire you for that.
    And..please don’t look at my checkbook register…oh boy…

    I’d love to join in! I feel like my vlogging [no matter how it’s said] has made me a better person. Maybe I could talk about that.

  8. Okay I linked up my first vlog – posted today. And I actually say in it that my ears look like alien ears so clearly my focus was not on the beautiful. I don’t think I look bad but I say um a few times. Still I think I get my excitement across. Would love for you to vlog for the series!

    • Brittany, you are stinkin’ adorable! Like I wanna be your BFF adorable! I would love to participate in your series, what a wonderful idea. I love adventure!

  9. I was JUST thinking about trying a vlog for the first time. Do I need to do this by a certain day? Is attempting a new self tanner a bad idea the day before a vlog? Or the best idea ever? I will give it a try. ACK! I’m nervous already.

    • Yay Emily! The linky is open until 4/10. Self tanner, I need a whole lotta that. I say go for it, maybe I will too and vlog about it. I understand being nervous, but I’ve learned to own the suck. It totally helps. I can’t wait to see your vlog!

  10. Ok, I will give it a try. Tee Hee! It’s like the Jetsons but not…right? LOL I love y our Vlogs, but doesn’t the camera add 10 lbs? Ten pounds more on me just won’t do! BLEH…but for you Lori…anything. Lets see what happens! This can be fun..right?!?! Please reassure me! LOL

  11. OMG. So much I need to catch up on! I’ve been on vacay –
    First, LOVE your new blog design!! So fresh, clean and easy to navigate (and love the colors – you know how I am a sucker for the bright colors!) And you are just too damn cute. Your V-logs are the best – you ARE a vlog star mama!!!

  12. I pronounce vlog as “vee-log”, how’s that for lame? Whatevs, I’m geeky like that.

  13. How do you upload and link up? I’m a Vlog virgin here.

  14. Oh wow. You have asked the wrong person. Maybe if I can figure out a way to do it for your eyes only?

  15. Ok so I didn’t answer your question, but I linked up to show people that as long as you don’t get nuts…your vlog will be just fine. Then again…if you have fun and just be yourself, it will be perfect!

  16. Good Morning! LOVE your video – too cute! I’m linked up with the vlog I posted this morning – it doesn’t answer your question specifically, I simply share how I’m keeping it personal – I hope that’s OK…lol – we are traveling so I don’t have time to do another vlog at this time. ANYWAY, here’s a link to my vlog, it think your concept is FUN and you gotta start somewhere, right?? —>

    Keeping it Personal,
    Teri Johnson

  17. This is great! If I can get a vlog thing done this week, I’ll link up…can’t promise anything just depends on how well the boys behave 🙂

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