8 Things I’ve Learned About Parenting From Being a Mom Blogger

When I published my very first blog post on January 3, 2010, I had no idea what I was in for. As a mom who loved to write, I thought I’d finally use my degree in child development to offer up a few parenting ideas, start a discussion or two, and maybe even make a […]

7 Rules for Mom Bloggers, According to My Tween Son

You all know my son, Boy Wonder. He’s a tween with a lot of opinions. When he’s not giving you all the reasons your tween needs a cell phone, detailing why kids “deserve” summer vacation, or sharing the things he wishes he could change about his parents, he can be found schooling me on the […]

6 Worst Things About Having a Blogger for a Mom

Hi everybody, this is Boy Wonder and I’m going to tell you why it’s weird to have a mom who’s a blogger. My mom wasn’t always a blogger, but even before she had this job she always talked about me a lot – like how I was doing in school and stuff like that. I never […]

Back to You

As you know I’ve been buzazy writing other places. Great for my pocketbook. Not necessarily great for you, my reader. I understand how frustrating it’s been to mosey on over to these parts and get hit with a “read more”, only to be redirected to another site. Just know that while it might feel like […]

12 Things You Should Never Say to a Blogger

What’s wrong with people? I mean, seriously. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s verbal diarrhea. I’ve written gobs of posts on what not to say to toddlers, pregnant women, moms of large families, moms of multiples, and adoptive parents so seemed only logical that I’d find my way to bloggers. Click here to […]

25 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

John Mayer and I make cute babies and 24 more things you never wanted to know about me.

Calling All Sexy Mom Bloggers: ParentsConnect Wants You!

Here’s the deal, Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect is looking for sexy mom bloggers to be featured on their site in the month of May for their Sexy Mamas Month. Two seconds after the contest appeared on my Facebook feed, I clicked the link to learn more. Surely the thumbnail picture of atanned and toned young hottie in a […]

You Shouldn’t be a Mom Blogger If…

Becoming part of the mom blogging community is easy, all you’ve gotta do is be a mom with a blog. No membership fee. No annual contract. Just you, us, and a whole lot of glorious belonging. Try as I might to convince every mother I know to join our blogging sorority, we all know mom […]

5 Things My Kid Hates That I Blogged About

Uh oh. The time has come for Boy Wonder and I to develop some blogging rules. Check out our new rules and the 5 things he’s still a little irritated that I blogged about here.

You Might Be A Blogger If…

The list is super scary awesome. Can you relate?