So I’m Thinking About Placing a Personal Ad for Mommy Friends

I may go by “Mommyfriend” online, but in real life I’m just Lori, a mom who struggles with making mom friends. It’s not that I’m unapproachable or only wear pink on Wednesdays, but connecting with like-minded moms has proven challenging for me. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I haven’t put myself out there enough, but when […]

I’m Back and I Brought Waffles

Hey Party Parents, Four months ago I said goodbye to my bloggy home at Babble, and honestly, ever since then things just haven’t been the same for me. I missed you guys. A lot. Like a lot-a lot. One particularly blue spring morning, I decided to shrug off my sadness with a power walk because […]


Sometimes I forget why I started blogging. Sometimes I can’t believe how blessed I am. Sometimes I wish I could say what I really think. Sometimes I want to cut my hair really short. Sometimes I wish I had a daughter. Sometimes I forget to hug my husband. Sometimes I wake up full of energy. […]

Back to You

As you know I’ve been buzazy writing other places. Great for my pocketbook. Not necessarily great for you, my reader. I understand how frustrating it’s been to mosey on over to these parts and get hit with a “read more”, only to be redirected to another site. Just know that while it might feel like […]

Behind My Bedroom Door

I bared my married soul for Babble’s Strollerderby. It was way hard. You can read all about what goes on behind our bedroom door here.

25 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

John Mayer and I make cute babies and 24 more things you never wanted to know about me.