Back to You

As you know I’ve been buzazy writing other places. Great for my pocketbook. Not necessarily great for you, my reader. I understand how frustrating it’s been to mosey on over to these parts and get hit with a “read more”, only to be redirected to another site. Just know that while it might feel like […]

When Readers Expect an Apology

Sometimes readers just don’t get it. You wrote a little snarky post, hit publish and headed off to bed. Come morning you learned your little post was responsible for ruining lives. Hell, the post probably even broke up a marriage or two. Who woulda thunk? Certainly not you. You try to figure it out…[read more]

18 Blog Pet Peeves You’ll Totally Want to Avoid

Attracting readers is hard work and with a quadrillion blogs out there, our readers can be as discriminating as they want to be. Enough peeves and POOF! It’s on to the next blog. Check out these 18 Blog Pet Peeves You’ll Totally Want to Avoid.