Back to You

As you know I’ve been buzazy writing other places. Great for my pocketbook. Not necessarily great for you, my reader.

I understand how frustrating it’s been to mosey on over to these parts and get hit with a “read more”, only to be redirected to another site. Just know that while it might feel like you’ve been outsourced, you haven’t been. You’re still reading my content, just on a website I believe in that actually pays me do what I love while staying home with my kiddos.

As you know I was covering the love and sex beat on Babble’s Strollerderby and it was great fun indeed. You got to learn all about my sex life and how I feel about modern love. Generally, a good time was had by all, but I made the very difficult decision to slow down in favor of my family. Doing so has allowed me the flexibility to pursue other interests and write here, on my own blog. Imagine!

Now that I’m back in my own dashboard, I realize just how much I’ve missed the freedom of writing on my own blog, my first home – from my heart. No middle man. Just me and you.

To those of you who’ve followed me all over the interwebz, a hundred billion thank you’s. I never needed or wanted to be hugely blog famous, I just wanted to be able to share my stories, personal hopes, and abundant fears with a dedicated group of people who got me.

If I never earned another reader I’d consider my blog adventure a raging success. You’ve been my support, my challenger, my equal, and above all, my friend.

Stay tuned. More of me to you, right here.


  1. first: I LOVE YOUR HAIR!
    second: I am excited for your words here again, my friend

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