Sometimes I forget why I started blogging.

Sometimes I can’t believe how blessed I am.

Sometimes I wish I could say what I really think.

Sometimes I want to cut my hair really short.

Sometimes I wish I had a daughter.

Sometimes I forget to hug my husband.

Sometimes I wake up full of energy.

Sometimes I’m brave when I shouldn’t be.

Sometimes I cower for no reason.

Sometimes I’m afraid my kids will grow up.

Sometimes I dream about growing old with my husband.

Sometimes I surprise myself.

Sometimes I can’t believe I get to be the mother to two such amazing kids.

Sometimes I sweat the small stuff.

Sometimes I don’t trust my body.

Sometimes I forget I’m in charge of me.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m meant to do or be more.

Sometimes I’m a little bit proud of myself.

Sometimes my kids are too quiet.

Sometimes it’s time to end a post that could go on forever.


  1. Sometimes, I wish I had a daughter too… and feel guilty about it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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