Spare a Vote, Make a Dream Come True


I hate asking you guys for things because between your boss, your kids, your partner, and the damn PTA, someone’s always asking you for something.

But as much as I hate asking for favors, I’m just going to have to because this dream can’t happen without your support.

I’ve been attending the BlogHer conference for a couple of years now and aside from the swag, networking opps, unicorns (yes, unicorns), and informative panels, my absolute favorite part of the entire BlogHer experience is the Voices of the Year reception. It’s at the Voices of the Year that women unite for the unique opportunity to hear their fellow bloggers bare their souls. Their voice. Their brave words. In person. You guys, the whole thing is like super moving and stuff.

Me, I want to be one of those women standing at the podium sharing my written words.

I’ve nominated two of my posts from the past year for consideration in the categories of Heart, The Boy Wonder Years; and Humor, An Open Letter to My Gynecologist.

If you’re a BlogHer member, I’m asking/begging/hoping/wishing for your votes here and here to make this personal dream come true. And if you’ve nominated yourself, leave your links in the comments section; I’ll totally repay the favor.

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