How My Friendships Changed After Kids

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So I’m Thinking About Placing a Personal Ad for Mommy Friends

I may go by “Mommyfriend” online, but in real life I’m just Lori, a mom who struggles with making mom friends. It’s not that I’m unapproachable or only wear pink on Wednesdays, but connecting with like-minded moms has proven challenging for me. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I haven’t put myself out there enough, but when […]

Dear Friends, If You Only Knew

My Dearest Girlfriends, I’ve wanted to write you a letter of encouragement for a while, but as I sort through collected bits of wisdom scribbled on napkins and old receipts, I realize you’re owed honesty more than advice. As the inaugural mom of our group, I’ve been long viewed as a maternal pioneer. I was […]

Does Motherhood Make Us Mean?

I once participated in a perception exercise with 19 coworkers as part of a team-building program. We were each given 19 small pieces of paper and asked to anonymously describe each fellow employee with a single adjective. The tiny papers were then collected and distributed face down to their rightful new owners. Carefully situating each […]

A Letter of Apology to School Moms

Dear School Moms, Yes, you! And you, and you, and you, and of course, you. Allow me to start off by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry for so many things, and believe me when I tell you I have a lot to be sorry for. You see, my son attended this elementary school for six […]

How to Make Lasting Friendships with the Right Moms for YOU

As someone who goes by “Mommyfriend” on the internet, I better know a thing or 12 about making and keeping great mom friends. In my blogging career, I’ve written extensively about the importance of maternal friendships and how they saved my life when I needed them most. Upon making it my personal quest to encourage […]

People Who Need People

A funny thing happened down the rabbit hole of motherhood: I began to hoard my time. Like a Momenezer Scrooge I began to resent every inconvenient invitation, request to volunteer at school or church, overtime request, and any and every real or perceived obligation of my time and energy. I lived this way for years; secretly resenting […]

How Not to be a Mommy Friend

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without my mom friends. Somewhere between institutionalized and 400 lbs. is my guess. As someone who floundered for the better part of eight long months as a new mother, it wasn’t until I discovered my online birth club that I began to feel capable of motherhood. Having a […]

20 Things Only Moms Can Understand

#1: Sleep is sexier than sex Check out the other 19 things only moms can understand here.