Dear Friends, If You Only Knew

shutterstock_207599203My Dearest Girlfriends,

I’ve wanted to write you a letter of encouragement for a while, but as I sort through collected bits of wisdom scribbled on napkins and old receipts, I realize you’re owed honesty more than advice.

As the inaugural mom of our group, I’ve been long viewed as a maternal pioneer. I was the first to endure sleepless nights, picky eating, and preschool. Heck, I even survived “the talk” and lived to tell the tale.

As strange as it might sound, I wore the “experienced mom” badge with pride. Paving the way for you all felt like an important responsibility. As someone without a modern-mom mentor, I wanted to shield you from the isolation I felt, make motherhood seem positive rather than just possible, and reside as your personal expert in all things mom. You never asked me to do these things — I wanted to. [Read more…]


  1. Enjoyed your post. So true. I don’t know why we feel the need to filter the truth about motherhood. So much more helpful to our friends when we are truthful.

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