8 Things I’ve Learned About Parenting From Being a Mom Blogger

mom blogger

When I published my very first blog post on January 3, 2010, I had no idea what I was in for. As a mom who loved to write, I thought I’d finally use my degree in child development to offer up a few parenting ideas, start a discussion or two, and maybe even make a few friends. I must have been parenting under a rock because I had no idea that mom blogging was even a thing. Who knew? Apparently everyone.

I found mom blogging to be a comfortable place. I was welcomed with open arms, held tight, and reassured from the very beginning that I belonged. Pretty great, right? I thought so. As my writing evolved from vanilla observations to more controversial parenting topics, I began to learn fascinating things about the nature of parenting.

Take a look at 8 things I’ve learned about parenting from being a mom blogger that I never knew before.

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