8 Ways to Live a Happy Life, According to a 6-Year-Old


My 6-year-old is the happiest kid. From the moment he wakes up smiling, to the moment he drifts off to sleep in full grin, you can find him singing, dancing, and engaged in general merriment.

The kid can’t help it. He was born chased-down-by-rainbows-and-sunbeams happy. Sure, he has moments of sadness, anger, and frustration like everyone else, but those moments are the rare exception that prove the rule that my son is, in fact, a real life Buddy the Elf.

So spreading smiles and warming hearts is what this kid has always done best. If there was ever a calling placed on his life, it would have to involve one of contagious joy.

If you’ve ever wished for even an ounce of this kind of soul-consuming cheer, you’re not alone.

Take a look at BooBoo’s very own 8-step guide to personal happiness because happy just feels good.

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