7 Rules for Mom Bloggers, According to My Tween Son


You all know my son, Boy Wonder. He’s a tween with a lot of opinions. When he’s not giving you all the reasons your tween needs a cell phone, detailing why kids “deserve” summer vacation, or sharing the things he wishes he could change about his parents, he can be found schooling me on the ins and outs of proper mom blogging decorum.

(If you haven’t already seen his post on the 6 worst things about having a blogger for a mom, you might want to take a look, particularly if you’re a blogger and the proud keeper of a tween.)

Boy Wonder’s grown up a blog child. From the time he was 7, I’ve blogged about my life and his very important place in it. But as he begins to change in all the big adolescent ways, I owe it to him to not only respect his privacy, but follow his blogging rules.

“Mom, these rules are really fair. I thought about them a lot. You should follow these rules and so should every mom that blogs about her kids, because how do we know what you’re writing about us while we’re at school?” Solid point.

So my fellow blogging mamas, take a look at Boy Wonder’s 7 rules for me (and mom bloggers everywhere).

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