You Might Be A Blogger If…

The list is super scary awesome. Can you relate?


  1. You are right on! Drink and tweet I do all the time…and stay up way too late!

  2. Perfect list! I have yet another blog to envy now! 🙂

  3. You might be a blogger if you’ve ever spoken the words, “That’s just not good for my brand.”

  4. Drinking wine and tweeting is my favorite, until I get sleepy of course. Most of this list applies to me, trying to avoid getting bullied, lol! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  5. LOL! Great list!

  6. …and that sums up who I am and how I think quite nicely. =)

  7. Great post! I can definitely tweet and drink wine! Here’s mine: You May Be A Blogger If…this thought pops into your head about everything that happens to you or around you: That would make a great post!

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