10 Things I Hope My Sons Never Do

Kids mess up. It’s kind of their job. And they do it well. It’s our job as parents to love our kids when they screw up, teach them right from wrong, and ultimately serve as an example of righteousness…or so I read somewhere. As a mom I’ll love my kids no matter what they do, […]

20 Things I Want My Sons to Know About Women

I’m a woman who knows a lot of women. I’d like to think these impressive credentials make me overwhelmingly qualified to teach my sons the truth about women. As the mom of two sons, I spend a lot of time thinking (OK, worrying) about how to prepare my sons for life outside the nest, hence […]

The Little Things That Will Someday Make Big Men

 take my responsibility as the mom of boys pretty seriously. I want to raise young men who respect women, possess the ability to cry (albeit not too much), and know how to keep a respectable home. It’s not that we’re practicing man drills or anything like that, but there are little things I’m teaching and […]

Being the Only Girl in the House

Big Daddy P and I are redecorating our master bedroom and adjoining bathroom. Perhaps more frustrating than the exhaust and expense of doing-it-ourselves is that fact that everything I own is now on display. This is what it feels like when your kids find your tampons and thongs.

One Lucky Mother: A Photographic Journal of Gratitude

Motherhood is nothing like I imagined; it’s better. Journey with me on my photographic journal of maternal gratitude.

5 Things My Kid Hates That I Blogged About

Uh oh. The time has come for Boy Wonder and I to develop some blogging rules. Check out our new rules and the 5 things he’s still a little irritated that I blogged about here.