10 Myths About Moms Raising Sons – Busted

As the mom of two boys, I’d like to think I know at least a little something about raising sons. Experience has taught me that boys are wild and wonderful, loud and daring — and guess what — also tender, and thoughtful. There was a time when the very notion of raising a son (let […]

5 Dreams for My Sons

As the mom of two sons, I’ve spent a lot of time daydreaming about the men my boys will one day become. Will they be kind? Will they be fair? What careers will they choose? What will they be passionate about? As eager as I am to discover the exciting answers to these infinite questions, […]

The Joys of Dressing Sloppy Boys

I love children’s fashion as much as the next mom, but you know what I love even more? Having kids who don’t give a rat’s ass about what they wear. Sure, I drool over the killer threads sported by fashionably famous Instagram tots. I pin expertly styled kid couture. Heck, I even buy my kids […]

The Little Things That Will Someday Make Big Men

 take my responsibility as the mom of boys pretty seriously. I want to raise young men who respect women, possess the ability to cry (albeit not too much), and know how to keep a respectable home. It’s not that we’re practicing man drills or anything like that, but there are little things I’m teaching and […]

One Lucky Mother: A Photographic Journal of Gratitude

Motherhood is nothing like I imagined; it’s better. Journey with me on my photographic journal of maternal gratitude.