Digital Rules for Couples

Hi Friends, I’m honored to be over at Randi Zuckerberg’s (yes, that Zuckerberg) Dot Complicated dishing on digital rules to bring couples closer together.

I’m Getting Crunchy Y’all!

Friends, I am excited and scared $%&#less to report that I’ll be blogging to you from Babble’s MomCrunch come February 1st! Wait, you’re thinking…you’re not techie. Damn straight I’m not techie but I am a blogger who’s trying to navigate my way like the rest of my fellow bloggers! Blogging from the front lines of […]

So You Think You Can Blog?

Well I’ve got news for you: YOU CAN! I know, I know, of course a blogger is going to tell you that you can blog but hear me out. I’ve just eaten half a dozen chocolate chip cookies and I’m on a massive sugar high. You. The life YOU live, the experiences YOU’VE had, the decisions […]

Behold the Power of the Mom Blog

[Image Credit] There are approximately 3 gazillion blogs in the webosphere and I’d be willing to guess about 33% of them are mom blogs.  These are guesstimates Mommy Friends, real stats require research and I don’t have time for that. Blogger’s blog (look, it’s a noun and a verb) for a variety of reasons.  Some mom […]