So You Think You Can Blog?

Well I’ve got news for you: YOU CAN!

I know, I know, of course a blogger is going to tell you that you can blog but hear me out. I’ve just eaten half a dozen chocolate chip cookies and I’m on a massive sugar high.

You. The life YOU live, the experiences YOU’VE had, the decisions YOU’VE made, the person YOU are today and the person YOU’RE on the verge of becoming all deserve to be brough to light.

Maybe you don’t feel that interesting (join the club), maybe you’re private, or maybe you’re scared. Whatever your “maybe”, just know, if you’ve ever had the desire to speak out loud, share your story, offer comfort and hope or simply tell a story – we’re here. All of us. And we’re waiting for you.

Yes, the blogosphere is massive. “Gee”, you’re thinking, “my voice is small, I can’t compete.”

You don’t have to.

The beauty of blogging is that no two people or experiences are alike. While common threads run between us, your voice is completely individual to you.

Warning: If you don’t want to be pushed further, you should probably stop reading.

If you’re buying what I’m selling, take these blogging tips to heart.

  • Keep your blog clean and uncluttered, easy navigation is a must.
  • No music. I dunno about you but I have a hard time reading blogs and listening to music at the same time.
  • If you Twitter, for goodness sakes, do not enable Auto Direct Message your new followers; we hate that
  • Keep fresh content flowing and try to remain consistent in your publishing schedule.
  • Build and establish trust with your reader. Your readers are there to know you, the authentic you – the you worth knowing about.

Don’t be scared. Hit publish. Jump in! The water’s fine.


  1. Great encouragement and motivation – thanks!!

  2. Blogging is the new ‘talking on the telephone like in the olden days when other people could listen in (what was that called again?) and you spilled all your secrets and gossip and flaws and stuff and stuff and then realized everyone heard you and you blushed but it was ok and you didn’t die and someone came to you at the Saturday night ice cream social and said they really appreciated realizing that someone else also deals with carbuncles and bunions just like they do’. That’s what it’s like.

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