8 Movies Your Tween Won’t Be (Too) Embarrassed to Watch with You on Valentine’s Day

Who says Valentine’s Day is only for couples? In our household, we celebrate the big day ‘o love as a family. And this year, now that my tween is better able to understand romantic love, I’m planning a family movie marathon centered exclusively around the joy (and heartbreak) of first love. Take a look at […]

Hey Kids, How ‘Bout We Leave Valentine’s Day to the Lovers

“Mommy, Valentine’s Day is coming up!” BooBoo shouted with delight. “Yes, it sure is. Who’s your special Valentine this year?” I asked. “No one! I don’t have a girlfriend! I just like the candy.” And just like that, BooBoo reaffirmed my problem with Valentine’s Day and kids. Listen, I love kids. I have kids, and […]

Romance is Where You Find It

Happy Valentine’s Day! (This vlog has really awful audio and weird aspect ratio, my apologies…but I’m wearing a big red bow so that more than makes up for it.) Be mine and subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here!                            Wishing you love, chocolate and lots of tender moments XOXO!