10 Years of Lucky

Big Daddy P are coming up on 13 years this November but I wanted to share an anniversary video I pulled together a few years back in honor of our 10 years.

It’s pretty cute even though you’re undoubtedly super tired of both songs by now.


  1. Loved it and congratulations on 13 years that is awesome. What a beautiful life and family you have. Many more years of love, life and blessings to you all.

  2. OMG! LOL this was great. Made me cry. Congrats on a love well lived. 🙂 BTW I recognized the hospital where you had Boy Wonder. I live around the corner from there and I had Thing Two there. WOW! LOL small world.

    Thank you for sharing your life my friend. You inspire me always.

  3. loved the video – seriously super cute.

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