Happy 9th Birthday Boy Wonder!

My Dearest Boy Wonder,

How has an entire year already passed?

You’re almost there buddy, almost to the double digits you’ve been longing to be since you were all of 4 years old.

You were always my serious little boy – always thinking, always wondering, always seeing beauty where I never even thought to look.

I can’t pretend to understand all the things you spend so much time thinking about, but I do know this:

It still melts my heart every time you call me “Mommy”.  I don’t hear it very often anymore but when I do, I feel my eyes well up with tears.

I know the last few years have been a huge sacrifice for you but I promised you it would be worth it, and look baby – it was.

My sweet boy, if you wanted to keep calling me “Mommy”, that wouldn’t be so bad.

Happy Birthday Sunshine.

May your light keep shining bright!

I love you,


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