6 Reasons I Don’t Wear My Wedding Ring

shutterstock_177166469“Where’s your wedding ring?” my girlfriend asked as we compared thrashed mom-icures, “Don’t tell me you lost it!”

“I didn’t lose it, I just never wear it,” I explained, “I guess I just don’t care about it that much.”

“Don’t care about it that much? That’s your wedding ring! It’s sacred! I never take mine off. Never ever. I won’t even take it off to shower. Don’t you want people to know you’re married? How does your husband feel about it?”

Oh. Wow. So much passion! So many questions! Who knew my naked (albeit still married) ring finger could evoke such a powerful reaction?

When it comes to my digitus quartus, there are six reasons I rarely, if ever, wear my wedding ring.


  1. Samantha says:

    I understand her reaction, mine would be the same. If someone make an effort to choose it for you, you need to wear it. maybe I am talking like this because my husband don’t wear his band. But definitely it cost and it is very special, and why not wear it.

  2. My wife wears her ring, but there are moments when she take it off, and that’s when she clean the house,cook, when she goes swimming … And I think that is no big deal.

  3. I always wear my diamond engagement ring, because he make an effort to save money to buy it for me, and I will never take it off.

  4. i believe I should always wear my engagement ring and never take it off.

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