The Shy Girl’s Guide to Boudoir Photography

Boudoir 1

Once upon a time there was a shy girl named Lori. Wearer of cover-ups always and displayer of cleavage never. Lori didn’t know where all her modesty came from, she just knew she always had it.

So OK, that one Christmas her mom gifted her training bras in front of her dad may not have helped, but Lori always thought of her body as her business. Besides, she thought, modesty does not a prude make.

Lori wished she could rock a crop top with confidence or brave backless just because. She marveled at sexually empowered women, but when it came to flaunting her figure, she felt sexier under wrap.

It wasn’t that Lori hated her body; it was beautiful in its own way. I mean, it was practically made for bridesmaid dresses and birthing babies, but bodies can be timid sometimes, and no one knew this better than she did.

Lori’s husband was a really good guy who thought her body the most beautiful in all the land, so when it came time for his 40th birthday, she put on her big girl sexy panties to brave a boudoir photo shoot. She did it because she knew he’d love it, sure, but she also did it because she was finally ready to see herself the way he saw her.

This is how she did it.

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