40 Thoughts Every Wife Has Before a Romantic Weekend

Las VegasLast weekend my husband and I took a mini vacation from parenthood to hit the open road like a couple of lovesick honeymooners. To say I’ve been looking forward to this grown-up getaway would be an understatement. 49 days into summer with kid sidekicks had me seriously jonesing for 48 hours of glorious silence, undisturbed slumber, and fully prepared meals.

But this welcomed break would be about more than finding my sanity. It would be an opportunity for my husband and I to focus solely on each other, like some sort of epic throwback to the way things used to be. But in all honesty, I found the idea of such a romantic rendezvous both thrilling and slightly terrifying.

Things were different now. We were different now.

What would we talk about?

What would we do?

What if I wasn’t as fun and spontaneous as I used to be?

What if the weekend was a bust?

Staring down at the compartments of my empty suitcase, I panicked. Packing for sentimental possibility felt weird. Up in my head and completely overwhelmed, I reached out to a few girlfriends to talk me through the whole “old married couple goes on a frisky frolicking adventure” thing. And wouldn’t you know, they too, shared the following silly but oh-so-serious thoughts before a sweet escape; take a look!

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