The Highs and Lows of Thanksgiving Day as Told by Disney GIFs

  Each Thanksgiving we gather together to feast upon gratitude with open hearts and favorite foods with eager bellies. And because turkey brings out the beast best in all of us, we’ve set a place at the table for your favorite Disney characters to celebrate the happy highs and laughable lows of Thanksgiving Day. Bon […]

Turkey Notes: The Thanksgiving Tradition You’ll Want to Start

Don’t know what Turkey Notes are? Join the club. Click here to learn all about the Thanksgiving tradition you’ll want to start!

I Have Never Cooked a Turkey

Well, you read the title. I don’t know how to cook a turkey and as long as I have my dad around, I may just never have to.  My dad cooks Thanksgiving dinner right down to the homemade stuffing because it’s his thing.  And thank God it’s his thing because I know it wouldn’t be mine.  All I’d […]