I’m Actually a Pretty Good Mom


It’s easy at the end of a tough day to rush to my keyboard – fingers abuzz, eyeballs soaked with tears – and blog out every last parenting doubt, fear, and seemingly insurmountable challenge that I neither have the courage, nor the tenacity to tackle in that moment.

I’ve blogged for advice, blogged for reassurance, and blogged to sort out my feelings. You’ve listened, understood, offered advice and gave virtual hugs when I needed them most. I tried, failed, prayed, cried, and tried again all in the hope that one day I might actually believe that I was doing right by my kids, or at the very least, OK by them.

When you go through motherhood riddled with self-doubt, you begin to view every challenge as yet another nail in the coffin of your maternal ability. I know it sounds stupid, but if you’ve ever once thought, “If I knew what I was doing, this wouldn’t be happening!” then you know what I’m talking about. [read more…]

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