Your Ultimate Parenting Permission Slip


I never claimed to be an expert in parenting because doing that would be stupid. A degree in Child Development, two kids, and a blog does not an expert make. How could I possibly presume to know what works for you and your kids when I don’t even know what works for me and mine?

When I first became a parent I searched everywhere for answers. Not to date myself or anything, but back then the internets were still sort of a new and mysterious; not a place one necessarily sought answers for dizzying personal questions. I only wish I had discovered a blog, or a mother, or anyone that would have given me permission to feel how I was feeling. I didn’t need an expert per se, just someone to tell me that the thoughts and feelings I had were normal. I needed relief from all the “should do/shouldn’t do” parenting buzz.

Did I have permission to break the “rules” of traditional parenting in favor of my sanity or my gut? I honestly didn’t know.

Since I was never actually able to find the permissions I was looking for back then, I feel the overwhelming desire to offer them. Because sometimes you just need a random online stranger to agree with you, amirite?

Check out this ultimate parent permission slip designed to banish your guilt once and for all and encourage you to go your own damn parenting way.

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