What Your Preschool Director Wants You to Know

I did investigative reporting, no seriously. Click here to find out what I learned.

What Would Happen if a Toddler Ran the House?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if a toddler ran the house? Wonder no more.

Flunking Toddlerhood: There Are Worse Things

Your mommy’s a failure, yay! I’ve gone and done it this time. I flunked toddlerhood. Guess what else, I liked it. Badass parenting, found here.

Stop Fighting and Love Each Other Already!

That is so not a hug. They love each other/hate each other/love each other some more. I can’t take their on-again off-again romance! Click here to see a photo gallery of their best and worst of times, along with my plea for peace.

It Won’t be Much Longer…

Bust out the tissues and squeeze your toddler…[read more]

Help, BooBoo Hates Clothes!

…and I’m tired of looking at his naked butt. I lament and beg for your help here.

When Your Kid is “The Bad One”

I have always viewed my children’s behavior as a reflection of myself and my parenting. When my kids have a meltdown in public, it’s waaay personal for me. Why are they doing this? What am I doing wrong to make them behave likethis? How do I get them to stop? My first son was easy, […]