12 Woes of Being a Little Brother

There are times when I look at my sons and can’t help but think how lucky they are. As each other’s first and best friends, they share a history and biology so special, my heart bursts wide open for the beautiful bond that is their brotherhood. But that’s not to suggest my boys view their […]

I Let My Kids Fight It Out for a Week and This Is What Happened

Author Pamela Dugdale once said, “Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring, quite often the hard way.” “Quite often the hard way,” is right. I have two sons who can’t seem to stop fighting. They love each other, sure, but not half […]

10 Ways to Keep the Peace Between Your Children

Perhaps the greatest gift we can give our children is harmony within the home, but creating peace between siblings isn’t always easy. Siblings fight, it’s in their nature. They want the same things at the same times and at least one is always convinced that the other has more or better things than they do. […]

On Having Kids Far Apart in Age

It’s not easy parenting kids with a substantial age gap between them. It seems like it should be, but it just isn’t.  

Stop Fighting and Love Each Other Already!

That is so not a hug. They love each other/hate each other/love each other some more. I can’t take their on-again off-again romance! Click here to see a photo gallery of their best and worst of times, along with my plea for peace.

Love at First Sight

The baby of our family, known as “Little BooBoo” will be turning 3 years old this month. As we prepare to celebrate him, I’m reminded of the day I became a believer in love at first sight. From the moment we told our only son that he was about to become a big brother, he […]