12 Woes of Being a Little Brother

There are times when I look at my sons and can’t help but think how lucky they are. As each other’s first and best friends, they share a history and biology so special, my heart bursts wide open for the beautiful bond that is their brotherhood. But that’s not to suggest my boys view their […]

Boy Wonders: 11 Unfair Things About Being a Big Brother

~A post contributed by my eldest son~ Being a big brother isn’t so great. Everybody says it’s so great, but I don’t think so. I’ve been a big brother now for 5¾ years so I kind of know a lot about being one. My mom told me that being a big brother is more than […]

Love at First Sight

The baby of our family, known as “Little BooBoo” will be turning 3 years old this month. As we prepare to celebrate him, I’m reminded of the day I became a believer in love at first sight. From the moment we told our only son that he was about to become a big brother, he […]