20 Inspirational Quotes for Kids to Live By

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I come from a family of talkers.

Growing up, my parents were always talking. Whether they were imparting bits of parental wisdom or simply orchestrating a life lesson out of nothing at all, I was always listening, watching, and of course, learning.

So as someone who’s had pretty decent life so far on account of all those talks, I wanted to give my kids the same opportunity to listen. So I talk. A lot. I’m forever offering anecdotal bits, super important FYI’s, and warnings of the imminent dangers resulting from not listening to their mother. Still, I swear they’re getting nothing. Little brick walls, those two.

While I may never actually give my children the wisdom and life offerings of the great thinkers before me, at least I give a damn good tight hug.

Take a look at 20 of the most powerful bits of wisdom I hope one day my kids will come to live by.


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    Love all of these! Words of wisdom for little ones. 🙂

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