8 Parenting Mantras to Get You Through the Tough Moments


I don’t have to tell you that parenting is filled of frustration and sprinkled with greatness. From the the bedtime struggles to the epic meltdowns in aisle 5 there are moments when the magic and beauty of parenting get lost in the chaos of our everyday. Then, just as quickly, a precious moment appears to make it all worthwhile – and then some.

We take the good with the bad because we have to, but what if there was a way to temper the bad with a more peaceful heart? You’d want to know how, right? Enter the power of the mantra. For thousands of years, the sacred verbalization of mantras have been thought to bring spiritual powers and peaceful redirection to the mind and body. As a wonderful tool for refocusing personal energy, mantras can not only help us manage our frustration, but allow us to shift our attention in a much-needed positive direction.

Let’s take a look at 8 parenting mantras designed to help us through the tough times so we can focus on the joy the follows.

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