Big Kid Childproofing: Making Your Home Safer for Tweens and Teens

Image credit: Flickr/James Thompson

Image credit: Flickr/James Thompson


When we think about childproofing, we’re taken back to a time of outlet covers, corner guards, toilet locks, and stair gates designed to protect our precious kids from some of the most dangerous phases of their development.

But as any parent of an older child can tell you, danger, unfortunately, doesn’t end in toddlerhood. Oh no, there are a host of risks associated with tweens and teens who feel older and braver than their parents would like to admit.

As such, childproofing need not be reserved for the very young, but rather for all minors living in your home as a matter of personal safety.

Let’s take a look at 4 steps you can take in your home to help protect your growing child from harm.

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