To My Son: I’m Sorry I Worried Your Childhood Away

My Dearest Son, The day you were born I made you a promise. I vowed to be your protector, your role model, your teacher, and your haven. As a young mom I wasn’t sure how to be all those things or even if I’d even be very good at them, but I swore when I […]

Our Parents Didn’t Worry This Much

A couple of days ago I was on the phone with my best friend. Let’s just call her Gwen because that’s her name. Gwen has 6-year-old triplets while I just have the one 6-year-old (who feels like triplets) so naturally, the conversation turned to our kids. We talked about the funny/cute things our kids were […]

10 Things I Know About Depression and Anxiety

Yesterday I participated in Postpartum Progress’s 5th Annual Mother’s Day Rally for Mothers’ Mental Health; take a look: Dear New Mom, If you’re reading this post with a heart at peace, congratulations. Motherhood marks the beginning of a sacred life journey. But if you’re reading this post and your head won’t dare allow your heart […]

Please Join Me in the 5th Annual Mother’s Day Rally for Mental Health

Dear Mommy Friends, As you all know, Sunday, May 12th is Mother’s Day and as we celebrate our own mothers and all that it means to in fact, be a mother, my mind remains focused on those women who are struggling to survive their everyday due to mental health issues. For this reason, I’m one […]