Please Join Me in the 5th Annual Mother’s Day Rally for Mental Health


Dear Mommy Friends,

As you all know, Sunday, May 12th is Mother’s Day and as we celebrate our own mothers and all that it means to in fact, be a mother, my mind remains focused on those women who are struggling to survive their everyday due to mental health issues.

For this reason, I’m one of 24 brave women who have lent their voices and shared their stories to be part of the 5th annual Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health on Sunday, May 12th. This Moms’ Mental Health Rally will feature 24 letters from survivors (one per hour) of PPD, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, depression after weaning and/or postpartum psychosis. Their purpose is to inform and encourage pregnant and new moms who may be struggling with their emotional health. The Rally is hosted by Postpartum Progress, the most widely-read blog in the world on postpartum depression and other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth.

I ask that you lend your support and voice this Sunday as we talk openly about mental health, recovery, and a brighter tomorrow for those who are suffering.

Stay tuned.

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