How Reading With My Son Made Me a Better Mother

I may blog for a living, but I was never much of a reader. In fact, my Facebook feed was about all the reading you’d find me making time for. Given the choice between a book and Us Weekly, I’d choose the Us Weekly every time because Ooo! Look at all the pretty pictures! I […]

5 Simple Ways to Transform Wasted Time into Learning Time With Your Kindergartner

Like you, I’m a busy parent. I have a job, a kid in kindergarten, an older kid in 5th grade, and a DVR to catch up on, so it came as no surprise when the kindergarten curriculum began to kick my ass. I suppose I wasn’t ready for what having two kids in school meant. […]

13 Insightful Ways to Help Your Struggling Reader

As mothers all around the country (myself included) vow to work on developing their children’s reading skills this summer, I offer these 13 positive and fun ways to help your struggling reader.