5 Simple Ways to Transform Wasted Time into Learning Time With Your Kindergartner

Like you, I’m a busy parent.

I have a job, a kid in kindergarten, an older kid in 5th grade, and a DVR to catch up on, so it came as no surprise when the kindergarten curriculum began to kick my ass.

I suppose I wasn’t ready for what having two kids in school meant. To add insult to educational injury, my kindergartner went ahead and decided to make friends with the smart kids. No joke, these kids already knew how to read and perform double-digit math while my kid couldn’t recognize at least 4 letters of the alphabet, let alone know his letter sounds.

How did these kids get so smart? Did they have at least one parent solely dedicated to drilling sight words and addition concepts? Were these kids brainiacs? Was I not doing enough to invest in my kid’s education? Oh, the questions and self-doubt.

When BooBoo’s kindergarten teacher sent home a list of 50 sight words along with a note saying he’d need to recognize them before the end of the first trimester, I freaked the freak out! I didn’t have the time or the patience to carve out dedicated “learning time” with my kid. Besides, it wasn’t like he’d sit still long enough to participate anyway. So what was I, as a busy parent to do? The answer was get creative.

Take a look at 5 simple ways I found to transform wasted time into learning time with my kindergartner – right here!

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