30 Things Kids Should Do Before They Grow Up

If your kids are anything like mine they’re in a big fat hurry to grow up.

Slow down there, kiddos! I’ve made it to the adult finish line and I can tell you that ya ain’t missing much. Speaking of missing, if there’s one thing I miss most about childhood, it’s magic.

I remember when I was a kid, magic and wonder used to creep into my every day. Somehow along the way to adulthood I lost it…well, most of it. Discovering boys was pretty magical…

The point is, I didn’t have the opportunity to rediscover lost magic until I had children of my own. And so I say this to my kids and my fellow parents, let’s slow things down a little and enjoy what fleeting time we have left in the land of childhood!

Check out 30 things kids should do before they grow up, because we all only get one shot at magic!


  1. I’m happy to say that my childhood was awesome and that I got to do most of the things on my list…except visit any of the Disney Parks. Still living in hope of meeting Mickey.

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