How Reading With My Son Made Me a Better Mother

BooBoo read

I may blog for a living, but I was never much of a reader. In fact, my Facebook feed was about all the reading you’d find me making time for. Given the choice between a book and Us Weekly, I’d choose the Us Weekly every time because Ooo! Look at all the pretty pictures!

I suppose it comes as no surprise when I tell you that reading with my 6-year-old killed me a little inside. It was a slow, tedious, frustrating, and oh-so-painful daily chore. But knowing how important practice was for my developing reader, I did as any non-reading mom would and faked a deep and profound love of reading. I pretended to love me some Thomas the Tank Engine and Curious George literary fodder, feigned excitement for every obligatory trip to the library, hell, I even pretended to read Hawking’s On the Shoulders of Giants with my phone between the pages, all because I wanted my kid to see me reading.

Look! Mommy loooooves reading, just look at that giant book!

Despite my best efforts, BooBoo never really took interest in books and daily reading became a chore that left each of us searching for shortcuts. Maybe mommy’s throat was hurting too much that day to read. Maybe BooBoo was too tired to focus. Maybe we’d do it later or promise to start fresh again tomorrow instead. While the excuses came easily, reading remained a struggle because we weren’t putting in the time. [Read more…]

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