The Inevitable Heartbreak of Mothering Boys

“I just turned 40, if I’m going to do this again I have to do it soon!” my friend, a first-time mom said about gearing up for a second pregnancy while nursing her 4-month-old son. “I know what you mean,” I quipped, “I’m not far behind you.” “Would you want a girl?” she asked. “I […]

Benefits of Raising a Mama’s Boy

I guess you could say I have a mama’s boy in my 6-year-old son. Currently reigning as the queen of his heart, you can bet I’m soaking up all the love and attention (while secretly hoping it lasts forever). “Be careful, you don’t want to raise a mama’s boy!”, people warn in that joking-but-not-joking sort […]

How Reading With My Son Made Me a Better Mother

I may blog for a living, but I was never much of a reader. In fact, my Facebook feed was about all the reading you’d find me making time for. Given the choice between a book and Us Weekly, I’d choose the Us Weekly every time because Ooo! Look at all the pretty pictures! I […]

25 Rules for Mothers of Sons

Raising a good man is one of the most important jobs in the world, and mamas, I know you take it seriously. I take it pretty seriously too. With 11 and 6-year-old sons I think a lot about the young men my boys are poised to become. Will they be good men? How will they […]