Day 3 of WAHMdom: Real Life Angry Birds

So day three was good, sorry about all the wind noise in the background. I don’t have a boom mic or whatever to block all that out. I snapped some pretty adorable pictures worthy of framing. Today’s lesson learned: Get outside every day, especially if you live in California because you have no excuse not […]

Great Expectations

Disneyland, what a totally expensive mistake. Click here to read all about it.

Day 2 of WAHMdom: The Party’s Over

Day 1 of WAHMdom was so productive, on day 2 I rested. You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here where I learn Martha Stewart totally had a nanny or five. I started out today with the best of intentions that looked exactly like this: Then my BFF Gwen (yeah, the […]

The Top 10 Bittersweet Moments of Toddlerhood

Seriously little one, STOP growing up!  You’ll killing me! Check out the Top 10 Bittersweet Moments of Toddlerhood here.

7 Things That Make You an Awesome Parent

You’re an awesome parent. So maybe (more like probably) you don’t hear it enough but it’s true. Have your doubts sometimes? Sure you do, but check out the everyday ways you shine!

Casualties of Parenthood

Ever notice how absolutely hazardous parenting is to your physical well being? I’m surprised our insurance premiums don’t go through the roof the second our babies become toddlers. Parenting a toddler is by far the most dangerous adventure I have ever experienced. Can you relate? The danger falls into two distinct categories I will examine […]

The 10 Little People You Meet in Preschool

Preschoolers may be small but their personalities are super-sized! Click here to check out the 10 little people your toddler will meet in preschool.

Toddler Speak

If you have a child, then you’re bilingual. Click here to check out what I mean.

The Last Call

Don’t call me, I have kids. Click here to read a break-up letter to my phone.

I’m Not Sorry

BooBoo had a rough day yesterday; the mean streets of preschool must have gotten the better of him. He was having no part of finger-painting and circle time, so he decided to exclude himself and act out inappropriately. BooBoo’s preschool teacher was giving me a recap of his day and I found myself apologizing; apologizing […]