Day 2 of WAHMdom: The Party’s Over

Day 1 of WAHMdom was so productive, on day 2 I rested.

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I started out today with the best of intentions that looked exactly like this:

Then my BFF Gwen (yeah, the mom with toddler triplets) called.  She asked what I was doing and I told her we were working on letters.

She was so impressed, she must have told me so three times.

We hung up the phone and I tried to get back to business. BooBoo had other plans that included spilling a box of Cheerios, bumping his head and crying for a bandaid.

I took this opportunity to text Gwen:

True friends understand.

Well Mommy Friends, tomorrow is another day…


  1. Love this. You are hilarious, too!

  2. Isn’t WAHM so much fun? I love trying to be productive while keeping my child educationally entertained and keep my sanity:)LOL

  3. Ahhhh welcome sweets!! The on and off of good and bad, productive and restful, maintaining sanity and losing your mind days….yep that’s the glamour of it all!! But their smiles make it SO worth it!

  4. Every day is a new day.
    A new beginning – thank goodness!

  5. Gossip_Mom says:

    Isn’t it so much fun?!? Currently I am letting ds play with a car while I catch up on emails. A shower would be nice, but as soon as I would lay him down so I could take one the phone will ring. So everyday is a screw it day.

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