Toddler Speak

If you have a child, then you’re bilingual.

Click here to check out what I mean.


  1. My 3 year old’s new Halloween word is “pumpkinblock”. Not sure what the block refers to but she’s got us saying it now.

  2. Haha, way to work the hot bilingual angle girl! My son came up with the word pooter for penis, and I have NO idea where he got it from, but it has stuck, and now my entire extended family uses it. And now you have my permission to use it.Single Dad Laughing

  3. I think it’s awesome how peanuts is clear as day! LOL! Great post!

  4. My son is two and my favorite words and phrases from him are-

    I don’t like it
    I like when he refers to himself in 3rd person “woah slow down Phoenix Campbell”

    And as bad as it is I like when he says “shut up!”

  5. Ok, I love “incontrol” means remote control. I think he’s trying to tell you something.My daughter’s newest word, which cracks me up, is “pist-a-peered”. Which means disappeared. “Mommy, the Belle doll pist-a-peered!” Yup, it took me days to figure that one out.

  6. Great post! “Donbaddame” cracks me up.

    Q’s current favorites are “cruck” which means truck and sometimes car. He also says “clock” for clocks, watches, and anything cool really, but sometimes he drops the L and that gets us lots of stares at the market.

  7. Great Post! Bunny used to make up her own song words… Frosty the Snowman was a happy jolly SNOW with 2 eyes made out of COLD. the Paci was called EE-AA because after it dropped (cleaned of course) and handed back, we’d say “Here you are”

  8. Skylar calls cheese puffs “poop chips”. Cranberry juice is “sour juice”. Ryleigh is “lylee”. And her parents are “you guys”.

  9. LOL! Love this post :)Some favorites in our household are:hand tires: hand sanitizerbait ball: baseballThere are plenty more, but I’m having mommy brain right now 😉

  10. Mommyfriend, I love that your kids know what the remote is and have a word for Walmart! Little Ju-Ju-bees calls the remote a “mote” and points to the the tv and yells, Cars-Cars! Which means put on the Cars Movie. He also started saying “Tuko” (two-coe)at a super young age which is his paci. For a long time anything with wheels including airplanes, skateboards, and trains (now known as a Go-go) were “cars”. The crazy part is that he communicates not just with butchered English but also with his own variations of baby sign language so he will say a couple of butchered words along with hand motions and I’m the only one who can understand his longer “sentences”…. oh an my favorite any little dog is a kitty!

  11. My 19 DD calls all animals cats. And our dog Shaggy is Gee Gee. She also will say, “yeah” in response to certain questions, and the way she says it is so cute!

  12. Spunbotch – awesome!! My daughter is just starting to speak so it is HILARIOUS!

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