Day 3 of WAHMdom: Real Life Angry Birds

So day three was good, sorry about all the wind noise in the background. I don’t have a boom mic or whatever to block all that out. I snapped some pretty adorable pictures worthy of framing. Today’s lesson learned: Get outside every day, especially if you live in California because you have no excuse not […]

The Last Call

Don’t call me, I have kids. Click here to read a break-up letter to my phone.

I’m Not Sorry

BooBoo had a rough day yesterday; the mean streets of preschool must have gotten the better of him. He was having no part of finger-painting and circle time, so he decided to exclude himself and act out inappropriately. BooBoo’s preschool teacher was giving me a recap of his day and I found myself apologizing; apologizing […]

Readers Reveal Their Biggest Parenting Regrets!

Of course you have regrets – you’re a parent! The good news is you’re not alone. Click here to find out what your fellow parents are busy beating themselves up over.

Teaching Preschool At Home: Sucky Idea?

Wow, I wish those were my nicely manicured nails. I digress… OK, so because I quit my job I’ll be teaching preschool at home. Yeah, I’m pretty scared about that. Click here to read all about it.

Toddler Behavior: I Give Up

I’m dusting off this old school vlog about Walmart, aisle 5 and meltdowns on Babble today. Click here to see BooBoo guest star as himself.

13 Things That Don’t Make You a Bad Parent

Guilt be gone! Click here to read all about the things we do that make us real parents, not bad ones.

I’d Rather Starve Than Eat Off My Kid’s Plate

I’m never making out with Big Daddy P again. Here’s why.

What Would Happen if a Toddler Ran the House?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if a toddler ran the house? Wonder no more.

Flunking Toddlerhood: There Are Worse Things

Your mommy’s a failure, yay! I’ve gone and done it this time. I flunked toddlerhood. Guess what else, I liked it. Badass parenting, found here.